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We’re proud to showcase some of the commercial roofing projects that demonstrate our ability to provide exceptional service to our customers. Our team of experienced roofing professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality work and unparalleled customer service.

From large-scale installations to intricate re-covers, the highlighted projects below explore our ability to expertly handle any commercial roofing project.

The Dennis Group

Project Scope: Re-cover

Size: 56,384 sq ft.

Roofing System Installed: Mechanically attached 60-mil Sarnafil PVC over 2″ polyiso insulation

The main objective of this project was to improve the overall thermal rating (R-value) of the roof system’s insulation and install a new white reflective membrane. To complete this goal, we removed the existing ballast and EPDM membrane to salvage the underlying insulation and placed new insulation on top of the old. Any of the existing insulation that was wet or damaged was replaced.

Next, one layer of 2” polyiso insulation was installed directly over the existing insulation. Finally, 60-mil Sarnafil PVC was mechanically fastened over the newly installed insulation, and the customer was provided with a Sika-Sarnafil 20-year system warranty.

Atlanta Community Toolbank

Project Scope: Complete tear-off

Size: 27,000 sq ft.

Roofing System Installed: 80-mil Firestone TPO adhered over 3.5” polyiso

Due to the age of the building and the customer’s desire to have a roof system that would achieve a 30-year platinum warranty, the scope of this project required removing the existing roof system and all underlying insulation down to the roof deck.

Our roofing crews replaced significant sections of rusted metal and damaged gypsum decking. In addition to patching and repairing the existing damage, our crew cut openings for 26 skylights that would be featured in the new roofing system. After the exposed decks were patched and prepared, we installed two layers of insulation and adhered an 80-mil Elevated membrane to the roof system.

To create a uniform design, the installed metal fascia, gutters, and downspouts were custom coated to match ToolBank blue. The 30-year platinum warranty the customer received from Elevate covers the roof system, metal components, and skylights.

Ariel view of 100 City View building with new commercial roof

100 City View

Project Scope: Re-cover

Size: 22,900 sq ft.

Roofing System Installed: Adhered Carlisle fleeceback TPO 60-mil

The existing roof of this 11-story class-A office building on the North side of Atlanta had reached the end of its serviceable life. This project aimed to install a new roofing system while causing minimal disruption to the building operations and those working inside.

The plan was to re-cover the existing modified bitumen roof with a new 115 MIL Carlisle fleeceback TPO roof system, but significant pre construction work was required to prepare the roof for repair. A moisture scan identified multiple areas of wet insulation beneath the surface of the modified bitumen membrane. This insulation was removed and replaced with fresh materials before the new roofing system was installed.

All tear-off related work was completed during the weekend to limit disruptions to the building’s occupants. To protect the interior of the building and service the elevator from incidental damage during the project, our team installed a layer of ram board on all surfaces. The building owner received a 20-year Golden Seal roof system warranty from Carlisle, which, in addition to normal roof wear, covers any damage from hail up to 1.5 inches.

Southern Fluid Systems new commercial roof view from above

Southern Fluid Systems

Project Scope: Re-cover

Size: 30,700 sq ft.

Roofing System Installed: Mechanically fastened 60-miI Firestone TPO over cover board

The objective of this commercial roofing project was to re-cover the existing roof with a new 60-mil TPO roof system and provide additional daylight inside the building by installing six skylights and four smoke hatches into the new roof system.

Our team started the project by conducting a moisture scan of the existing roof. Next, wet insulation and loose gravel on the roof was removed so that a new ½-inch cover board could be installed on a firm substrate. After installing the cover board, a new 60-mil Elevate TPO roof system was mechanically fastened.

The new skylights and smoke hatches were installed and flashed as the project progressed. Pre-engineered metal fascia was installed, along with new commercial gutters and downspouts. The customer received a 20-year Red Shield warranty from the manufacturer.

Arial view of Young Middle School Gym's new commercial roofing project

Young Middle School Gym

Project Scope: New deck and re-roof

Size: 18,000 sq ft.

Roofing System: Type-E tectum roof deck adhered with a Sika-Sarnafil 60-mil fleeceback membrane over ½-inch ISO

This complex commercial roofing project required the complete removal of the existing roof, roof deck, and interior protection. After removing the existing roof and roof deck was required to install a new type-E tectum roof deck. The new composite decking combines the sound-deadening properties of tectum with an insulation core and durable plywood surface.

Once the roof deck was installed, our crews placed a new vapor barrier directly over the plywood surface of the tectum deck. Then they installed a ½- inch HD ISO cover board before installing a 60 MIL Sarnafil fleeceback PVC membrane to complete the project. The customer received a 20-Year system warranty from the manufacturer.

Arial view of Young Middle School Addition's commercial roofing project

Young Middle School Addition

Project Scope: New construction

Size: 8,400 sq ft.

Roofing System: Firestone cold process modified

For this project, Ideal Building Solutions installed a new roof on an addition to Young Middle School. The school selected an Ultra-White Modified Bitumen roof system with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We started the project by installing a 5/8-inch substrate board, two layers of polyiso insulation, and a ¼-inch DensDeck Prime cover board. Next, we installed a new Elevate Ultra-White modified bitumen system using a cold process adhesive. Tapered crickets were installed to promote drainage at the scuppers.

Pre-engineered coping was installed at the perimeter of the building. Finally, new sheet metal scuppers, conductor heads, and downspouts were installed to complete the project. The customer received a 20-Year Red Shield warranty from the manufacturer.

Arial view of the Mail Sorting Facility at Memphis International Airport's new commercial roof

Mail Sorting Facility at Memphis International Airport

Project Scope: New Construction

Size: 477,900 sq ft

Roofing System: Sarnafil Décor

Ideal Building Solutions was tasked with installing the roof on this new commercial roofing project, which included 31 roof sections totaling almost 477,900 square feet.

The building design included 19 low-slope roofs, seven barrel roofs, three canopy roofs, and two bridge roofs. The barrel roofs were initially planned as standing seam metal roofs, but our team suggested using the Sarnafil Décor roof system instead. This change saved the building owner nearly $1 million while still giving the appearance of an architectural metal roof that will function for decades.

The Ideal team handled the project’s safety plan, which was the most critical aspect of the job. Challenges included working at heights of 100 plus feet with no parapet walls and on barrel roofs with a steep slope classification and exposure to high winds. All materials and workers were anchored to the roof with thick nylon safety straps. Loading materials onto the roof was also challenging due to the airport’s FAA restrictions and the limited space for a large 200-ton crane.

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