Commercial Roof Maintenance That Is Proactive, Predictable and Planned

Planned commercial roof maintenance that keeps your business, people, and property safe, clean, and dry.

Identify Potential Problems
Before They Happen

Prolong the Life of Your Roof

Avoid Surprise Repair Bills

Manufacturer Warranties Are Designed to Protect the Manufacturer, Not the Customer

When bad weather strikes, many manufacturer warranties fall short:

  • Warranties don’t cover the most common causes of leaks like age-related deterioration, unexpected weather damage, and inadequate drainage.
  • When you do have a leak, warranties don’t cover the after effects such as mold, electrical and structural damage, increased energy bills, and loss of business.
  • If a building owner doesn’t keep up with routine annual maintenance many warranties become void.
  • Most warranties only cover repair costs, NOT the cost of damage to your business, people, and property.

You deserve to know that your roof will handle whatever nature throws its way so that your business, your people, and your property stay safe, clean, and dry.

We are passionate about keeping buildings SAFE, CLEAN and DRY. That’s why we’ve developed a proactive, predictable and planned…

Ideal Maintenance Membership

Manufacturer Warranty Support

Our team of roofing experts will work to protect the condition of your roof so that it meets all manufacturer’s requirements and your warranty remains in good standing.

Roof Assessment

Our roofing experts will assess the current condition of your roof to identify potential problems and determine the short and long-term viability of your roof.

Recommended Action Report

Following the initial inspection, we will create a report that outlines all recommended actions to improve the current condition of your roof so you avoid costly leaks or further damage from developing.

Two Comprehensive Inspections a Year

With your roof in good standing, we will begin conducting semi-annual inspections that keep you up-to-date on the condition of your roof.

Two Detailed Inspection Reports

Following each inspection, we will create a detailed report outlining all recommended proactive maintenance your roof requires. These recommendations can range from removing storm debris to cleaning drains and gutters.

Priority Leak Service

Should the unexpected occur, Ideal Maintenance members can access priority leak repair in 24 hours or less during regular business hours, Monday – Friday at no additional cost.

Customer Portal Access

Our easy-to-use online portal allows you to conveniently manage all of your properties’ maintenance and repair needs.

Memberships Starting at Just $500 per Year

Membership Benefits

Planned commercial roof maintenance gives you the confidence and peace of mind to love the rain again.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Regular maintenance fixes minor issues before they become big problems, which helps to extend the life of your roof and meet the conditions of your warranty.

Reduce the Risk of Leaks

When water intrudes into the building envelope, it can harm the people and property underneath your roof.

Protect Your Employees

Leaks create damp conditions that allow mold to thrive and create potentially dangerous slippage issues for your employees.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Wet insulation does not insulate well. Leaks allow hot and cold air to escape, making it more expensive to properly maintain the temperature of your building.

Protect Your investment

Regular commercial roof maintenance prevents the development of significant issues that cost more money and resources to fix


Re-roofs can be costly. With planned maintenance, we can help develop a long-term strategy to predictably budget the cost so you’re financially prepared when it’s time to replace your roof.

How much can commercial roof maintenance save you?

Answer these questions and we’ll send you a custom commercial roof maintenance savings report.

Frequently Asked
Commercial Roofing Questions

While no roof lasts forever, a commercial roof should remain viable for 20 years or more under optimal conditions. Unfortunately, many roofs begin to break down well before the two-decade mark due to storm damage, improper installation, or a lack of commercial roof maintenance. During an inspection, our roofing experts will assess your roof’s condition and estimate how much serviceable life your roof has left.

The cost to replace a commercial roof varies depending on factors that include:

  • Size of the roof
  • Type of materials used
  • Code requirements
  • Logistical constraints
  • Safety requirements
  • Risk insurance requirements
  • Bonding requirements

Depending on your situation, many other factors will also determine the cost of a new roof. Fortunately, Ideal Building Solutions can provide a budget for the cost of a roof replacement after inspecting and assessing the current condition of your roof.

Yes. But while leaks can be patched, that may not fix the underlying damage caused by the leak. For example, if water has soaked into the insulation layers of your roof, the compromised area should be removed and replaced with new materials. We do not recommend waiting until leak issues are present throughout the roof to start thinking about repairs. We can assist you with planning and budgeting throughout the lifecycle of your roof.

Leaks are the most obvious sign that a roof needs attention, but other signs suggest contacting a commercial roofing contractor. These signs include:

  • Ponding or standing water on the surface of your roof.
  • Vegetation growth on the roof or in your gutters.
  • Sediment accumulation and build up.
  • Visible rust or damage to the underside of the roof deck.

Roof warranties furnished by Manufacturers will only cover the cost of roof-related repairs necessary to fix your leak. Roof Warranties do not cover replacing or repairing damage incurred inside your building. Warranty exclusions will further limit what types of repairs your warranty will cover, especially if the leak results from improper roof care. In addition, your warranty may be voided if you’ve failed to conduct regular roof maintenance or follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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