Ideal Building Solutions Receives 2022 GAF Excellence Award

GAF Triple Excellence Award emblem featuring a dark diamond background with a gold border, displaying three gold stars and the GAF logo in red.Ideal Building Solutions has been awarded the 2022 GAF Excellence Award for System Protection Excellence by GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. The award recognizes Ideal’s steadfast and unwavering commitment to delivering the highest standard in roofing services and solutions for commercial building owners.

What is the GAF Excellence Award for System Protection?

The GAF Excellence Award is a series of awards given to roofers who go above and beyond when it comes to providing top-notch services and solutions and maintaining leading knowledge in the roofing industry. This prestigious award is a remarkable achievement for any roofing contractor with less than two percent of all roofing contractors meeting the high standards.

What System Protection Excellence Means

The GAF Award for System Protection Excellence recognizes Ideal Building Solutions’ dedication to providing superior protection for our clients, as measured by adherence to GAF’s Diamond Pledge and System Pledge Guarantees.

GAF maintains a wide range of warranty guarantees, such as its Golden Pledge and Diamond Pledge Guarantees, that ensure roofing materials are produced from high-quality sources to ensure long-lasting and reliable performance.

Through the System Protection Excellence Award, GAF identifies roofing contractors that successfully hold their roofing solutions to the high standards upheld by these warranty guarantees and ensure that their clients understand our roof warranty options to ensure long-lived and cost-effective quality roofing solutions.

“We’re humbled to accept the 2022 GAF Excellence Award,” says Jason Finney, vice president of Ideal Building Solutions. “It’s proof that the hard work we put into protecting our clients really does make a difference in protecting commercial business owners’ properties, keeping their workers and assets safe and dry.”

Exploring the GAF Triple Excellence Award

GAF maintains a vested interest in recognizing roofing contractors who meet the highest standards of excellence in their products and services to provide secure and reliable roofing solutions for their clients.

The GAF Triple Excellence Award recognizes three ways in which roofers and roofing contractors can excel:

Training Excellence

The GAF Training Excellence Award recognizes roofers who hold themselves to high standards of continuous learning and technical training, keeping up with the latest trends in roofing materials and installation techniques to maintain cutting-edge industry knowledge.

Installation Excellence

Roof replacement contractors who consistently pass GAF’s stringent quality inspection examinations can receive the GAF Installation Excellence Award, recognizing their ability to consistently deliver the highest quality in new roofing installation for their clients, day after day.

Consumer Protection Excellence

Roofing contractors who are awarded the GAF Consumer Protection Excellence Award demonstrate a thorough, above-and-beyond understanding of the vast range of GAF’s roofing systems and warranty guarantees to provide the best long-term protection to their clients.

A roofer with this prestigious award demonstrates the utmost transparency and makes various warranty guarantees easy for all of their clients to understand, ensuring that clients get the best in quality roofing and the most effective plans to guarantee the long service life of their building’s roof.

About GAF

Since 1886, GAF Materials Corporation has been firmly devoted to manufacturing roofing materials for residential and commercial properties. With more than two dozen manufacturing plants throughout the United States, GAF is one of the largest roofing manufacturers in North America and a titan in the roofing materials industry. To this day, GAF continues to push the boundaries of innovation in roofing nearly 240 years after its founding while setting and maintaining high standards for high-quality roofers through its extensive awards and certifications.

About Ideal Building Solutions

Ideal Building Solutions is a commercial roofing company business owners across Georgia and the Southeastern United States rely on for safety, security, and peace of mind. For over 13 years, Ideal has been a family-owned and operated business that has worked to keep a roof over Georgia businesses’ heads—literally—and foster long-lasting client relationships built on hard work that speaks for itself, trust, honesty, and transparency.

As a GAF partner, Ideal sources the highest quality roofing materials from the highest quality manufacturers, including the latest in cost-effective, eco-friendly, and top-performing materials along with delivering the best service for stress-free installation, swift repairs, and proactive maintenance to keep its clients protected for years and years.

To learn more about our commercial roofing services and our evergreen commitment to quality and transparency, contact us today.